Coupling Halves – Aluminum Spline


Coupling Selection Guide

Just because applications have the same horsepower, doesn’t mean they require the same size flexible coupling. Follow the simple steps in our specifications guide to determine the right flexible coupling that’s perfect for your application.

    Reset options
    Part No.Description
    RC2-0916-AS9Tooth 16/32 Pitch
    RC2-1316-AS13Tooth 16/32 Pitch
    RC2-1412-AS14Tooth 12/24 Pitch
    RC2-1516-AS15Tooth 16/32 Pitch
    Part No. Description
    RC3-0916-AS 9Tooth 16/32 Pitch
    RC3-1316-AS 13Tooth 16/32 Pitch
    RC3-1412-AS 14Tooth 12/24 Pitch
    RC3-1516-AS 15Tooth 16/32 Pitch
    RC3-1712-AS 17Tooth 12/24 Pitch
    RC3-2116-AS 21Tooth 16/32 Pitch
    RC3-2316-AS 23Tooth 16/32 Pitch
    Part No. Description
    RC4-0916-AS 9Tooth 16/32 Pitch
    RC4-1308-AS 13Tooth 08/16 Pitch
    RC4-1316-AS 13Tooth 16/32 Pitch
    RC4-1412-AS 14Tooth 12/24 Pitch
    RC4-1508-AS 15Tooth 08/16 Pitch
    RC4-1516-AS 15Tooth 16/32 Pitch
    RC4-1712-AS 17Tooth 12/24 Pitch
    RC4-2116-AS 21Tooth 16/32 Pitch
    RC4-2316-AS 23Tooth 16/32 Pitch
    RC4-2716-AS 27Tooth 16/32 Pitch
    Part No. Description
    RC5-0916-AS 9Tooth 16/32 Pitch
    RC5-1308-AS 13Tooth 08/16 Pitch
    RC5-1316-AS 13Tooth 16/32 Pitch
    RC5-1412-AS 14Tooth 12/24 Pitch
    RC5-1508-AS 15Tooth 08/16 Pitch
    RC5-1516-AS 15Tooth 16/32 Pitch
    RC5-1712-AS 17Tooth 12/24 Pitch
    RC5-2116-AS 21Tooth 16/32 Pitch
    RC5-2316-AS 23Tooth 16/32 Pitch
    RC5-2716-AS 27Tooth 16/32 Pitch
    Part No. Description
    RC6-0916-AS 9Tooth 16/32 Pitch
    RC6-1308-AS 13Tooth 08/16 Pitch
    RC6-1316-AS 13Tooth 16/32 Pitch
    RC6-1412-AS 14Tooth 12/24 Pitch
    RC6-1508-AS 15Tooth 08/16 Pitch
    RC6-1516-AS 15Tooth 16/32 Pitch
    RC6-1712-AS 17Tooth 12/24 Pitch
    RC6-2116-AS 21Tooth 16/32 Pitch
    RC6-2316-AS 23Tooth 16/32 Pitch
    RC6-2716-AS 27Tooth 16/32 Pitch
    Part No. Description
    RC7-1308-AS 13Tooth 08/16 Pitch
    RC7-1412-AS 14Tooth 12/24 Pitch
    RC7-1508-AS 15Tooth 08/16 Pitch
    RC7-1712-AS 17Tooth 12/24 Pitch
    RC7-2116-AS 21Tooth 16/32 Pitch
    RC7-2316-AS 23Tooth 16/32 Pitch
    RC7-2716-AS 27Tooth 16/32 Pitch
    Part No. Description
    RC8-1308-AS 13Tooth 08/16 Pitch
    RC8-1412-AS 14Tooth 12/24 Pitch
    RC8-1508-AS 15Tooth 08/16 Pitch
    RC8-1712-AS 17Tooth 12/24 Pitch
    RC8-2116-AS 21Tooth 16/32 Pitch
    RC8-2316-AS 23Tooth 16/32 Pitch
    RC8-2716-AS 27Tooth 16/32 Pitch